Top Summer Home Trends Of 2021

Summer Home Trends of 2021

With 2021 well underway and summer right around the corner, it is time to start looking at summer home trends of 2021 so you can be fully prepared to fit in with the season. No one wants to be out of the loop when it comes to ensuring your home fits in with the summer trends, especially if you enjoy having lots of friends or family over during the summer months as so many people do. 

If you are ready to learn about some significant summer home trends of 2021, then grab your computer, and let’s get started on learning those summer home trends! 

Summer Home Trend #1: Cottagecore

Cottagecore is one of the top summer home trends now, and while it has been on Instagram for a while now, it is just now starting to see itself become mainstream in peoples’ homes. It is an interior style that focuses on a more old times feel, such as what your grandma or grandpa might have in their home. 

With this home trend, you will see many people going with full-length curtains on their windows, velvet sofas, and of course, the timeless armchair. All of these objects will help make your living room look like something straight out of history, and you can always complement it with some more modern objects to help bring it all together. 

Common modern objects you will see being used with the cottagecore trend are side tables, large round mirrors sitting up against the wall, footstools to rest your feet on after a long day, and beautiful statement lighting. Together, all of this works to create an atmosphere that will feel nostalgic for you, your friends, and your family and be a comforting place to relax. 

Summer Home Trend #2: Japandi

Japandi is a home trend that is very different from cottagecore and is essentially on the opposite side of the spectrum regarding interior design trends. However, it is exactly what it sounds like, a combination of Japanese and Scandinavian aesthetics. Combined, they form a unique look that is not easy to forget and is one of the hottest home trends for the summer of 2021. 

This home trend focuses much more on simple shapes and muted colors to create a very laidback aesthetic. It uses a lot of rattan and wood, alongside stone and ceramics, which are extremely important for this home trend. All the shapes in this home trend are designed to be organic looking, and you will want to use natural-looking Japanese and Scandinavian designs. 

The only colors in vogue with this home trend are gray and white, and the walls are left to be plain-looking. Instead of using flowers to spruce up your home, you will want to place grass in baskets or vases. This will help to give your home a much more natural look without bringing too many bright colors into the room. 

Summer Home Trend #3: Earth Tones

When choosing the right colors for your home this summer, it will be mostly decided if you go with a particular home design such as Cottagecore or Japandi. However, if you do not go with a particular home design, you will want to go with muted colors that remind you of nature and the earth since that is how the world is moving. 

Sage green, light pinks, and inky blues are the main colors you will see being used in homes this summer. Of course, you can also go with other shades of green or even shades of brown, but you will want to ensure they are all very light and muted colors—no sharp colors when it comes to your summer home design. 

Summer Home Trend #4: Eco-Conscious 

One of the biggest things that should be part of your home design for the summer of 2021 is that everything should be focused on being eco-conscious and eco-friendly. You will not want things in your home that are not eco-friendly because that will only cause the world to go down the dump because it will take everyone being eco-conscious to make things work out. 

As the world becomes more and more eco-conscious, if you are not using ego-friendly items in your home, you will find you will quickly not be very popular amongst the community. Therefore, always strive to use eco-friendly objects in your home, and you will be well on your way to having an eco-conscious home. 

Summer Home Trend #5: On-display 

With how much time people spend at home nowadays, especially with COVID still present, people want to be able to view their belongings in a beautiful light. This often leads to a lot of rearranging of your home, using different shelving to place objects in a new location, and of course, you can also use hanging frames. 

Floating shelves are one of the easiest ways to create this type of home design, and they are a big part of the 2021 summer home design. You will want to ensure you have these shelves in your home to help fit in with the 2021 summer home trends. They can work well with nearly any type of other interior home design, so you do not have to worry about them clashing with how you currently have your interior designed. 

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Summer Home Trend #6: Flexible Spaces 

Another major part of the 2021 summer home trend is having flexible spaces set up within your home. Instead of making every part of your home a static fixture, consider adding some flexibility into your home so you can use spaces for multiple things throughout the day; however, you may need to use them. In addition, it helps create a much more calming and flowing atmosphere versus the rigid atmosphere that comes with the rigid home design. 

To help make the home more flexible, use small alcoves curtains or even a different color scheme for different sections of the room to help create a sense of flexibility. Whatever works for you and gives an overall feel of flexibility will work with the 2021 summer home trends. 

Summer Home Trend #7: Hardwood Floors

When choosing your flooring for this summer, you can never go wrong with using hardwood flooring. It rarely goes out of style, fits with many different interior designs, and is overall one of the best flooring types to use in any room of your home during the 2021 summer. 

Hardwood flooring tends to be very easy to take care of and does not get damaged very easily, meaning you can stick it all over your home without having to worry about needing to replace it. Hardwood flooring also goes very well with a cottagecore home design, so if you go with cottagecore, you will want to use hardwood flooring. 

non slip floors are a trend in 2021

Summer Home Trend #8: Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring is another of the best types of flooring to go with for the summer of 2021. Just like hardwood flooring, it tends to be easy to maintain, and it does not take a lot of time to touch it up whenever you need to. Not only that, but hardwood flooring is also affordable, which makes it a better option than hardwood flooring most of the time if you do not have a large budget for your home’s interior design. 

Laminate flooring also gives you the opportunity for different designs, so you have an option for different colors and textures. This gives you a great ability to pick and choose how you want your flooring to look so that you can use laminating flooring in a large number of interior home designs. Laminate flooring is best for kitchens and dining rooms and should not be used in other rooms of your home. 

Summer Home Trend #9: Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl flooring is overall one of the best choices for flooring when it comes to 2021 summer home trends. Not only is it durable and easy to maintain, but vinyl flooring is also affordable, often more so than laminate flooring or hardwood flooring. It is also super easy to clean vinyl flooring, so you can clean easily if you are looking for flooring. Of course, you will want to go with vinyl flooring. 

Vinyl plank flooring also often comes in a large range of designs and decorative patterns, so not only will you find vinyl flooring easy to maintain, but regardless of your home design, you will find that vinyl flooring fits it quite well. In addition, many types of vinyl flooring look similar to natural wood and stone now, so you can have flooring that looks like wood or stone without having to spend the extra money. 


The summer trends of 2021 are laid-back designs that rely more on muted colors, eco-friendly materials, and easy to take care of flooring types. Summer of 2021 will be an easy one to stay up to date with for trends, so you do not have to worry about being the odd one out. You now know about the summer home trends of 2021.

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