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Top Summer Flooring Trends Of 2021

Top 4 Summer Flooring Trends of 2021

If you plan on renovating the flooring in your home this upcoming year, it is essential you know the top summer floorings trends of 2021. This will help you choose a flooring that will both be useful and be aesthetically pleasing according to what is the trend for this summer so you can stay in season with everyone else. 

If you are ready to learn about the top summer flooring trends of 2021, grab your computer, sit down on your old flooring, and let’s get started! 

Wood Flooring Is Still One Of The Main Trends

Wood flooring is one of those flooring types that never really goes out of style because there are so many different ways you can go about implementing it into your home. Hardwood flooring tends to be long-lasting, it is durable, and it compliments many modern home designs very well; and it also works well if you are going for a more rustic-styled home. 

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Hardwood flooring is not to be used everywhere in your home, and it is typically meant only to be used in the kitchen, dining room, and sometimes the odd other room. Otherwise, hardwood flooring does not belong anywhere else in your home, as there are different types of flooring better suited for the summer trends in the other rooms. 

Carpet For The Bedrooms And Sometimes Living Room

Carpet is one of the best flooring types to be used in bedrooms, with it being used in nearly every bedroom thanks to its comfort and its large variety of designs. It can be hard to find other flooring types with the same amount of variety that carpet offers. This is one of the chief reasons it will most likely never go out of style in years to come. 

While carpet flooring is typically used only in bedrooms, it sees a return to being used in living rooms and even some other rooms of the home thanks to its variety of designs increasing. You can never go wrong with carpet, and if you are ever in doubt of what type of flooring you should use for any room other than the kitchen, dining room, and bathroom, you should be fine going with carpet. 

Waterproof Flooring Is All The Rage In 2021

Another major flooring trend that can be seen in 2021, especially in the summer times, is having waterproof flooring. No one enjoys having their flooring destroyed by water damage, and because of this, flooring producers are making more and more waterproof flooring types. This also means that flooring types that used to be non-waterproof can now make an appearance in places such as the kitchen and bathroom. 

Some of the top waterproof flooring types are:

  • Waterproof hardwood flooring: There used to be a time when hardwood flooring could only be used in areas with low moisture air. Now it can be used nearly everywhere regardless of the moisture level. 
  • Waterproof vinyl plank flooring: Vinyl plank flooring has been a big trend in the past few years, and it’s still a huge trend in 2021. Vinyl plank flooring perfect for a beautiful look in any residential and commercial space. 
  • Waterproof laminate flooring: Laminate flooring is still a main 2021 flooring trend, but waterproof laminate, much like waterproof vinyl, is the flooring type dominating the 2021 summer trends.  Read our post on how to install laminate flooring here.

Eco-Friendly Flooring Is In Vogue

The next primary flooring trend for the summer of 2021 is eco-friendly flooring. With a more significant percentage of people becoming aware of the issues that plague our environment, there is a huge demand for eco-friendly flooring. They do not want to harm their environment because they live in it, and they want their children and grandchildren to live in it. 

Even if your flooring looks beautiful, you will probably not be the most popular person around the block if you do not have eco-friendly flooring. Ensure you are getting eco-friendly flooring if you want to keep up with the summer 2021 flooring trends. 

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Keeping up with flooring trends can be difficult as they can change frequently, but thankfully most flooring trends stick around for many years. If you connect with the right flooring company near you, they should guide you on choosing the right flooring for your home. In addition, they should have knowledge of current trends and offer feedback on that as well.

Companies such as Flooring Pros offer the latest flooring at affordable prices. Visit them in Augusta Georgia or give them a call today!

In the end, it is more important that you go with a flooring you like rather than if it is part of the current trends. You now know the top summer flooring trends of 2021.

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