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Kitchen Flooring Trends For 2021

Top Kitchen Flooring Trends To Look Out For In 2021

The kitchen flooring trends of 2021 will keep a similarity trait of previous years in that you want your floor to last. You live on this floor and use it constantly, why not make sure to buy a quality floor that will hold up under daily use.

In this list will be some flooring types that are familiar, while others may be new to you. Here are kitchen flooring trends for 2021 to help you make choice a that will last you a long time, but are also in style.

The Look: Pattern and Color of Flooring

This floor type is more of a look than a type; however, pattern flooring seems to remain a popular flooring choice for kitchens. Augusta Flooring Pros recommends considering interesting pattern and color if you want your home to look on-trend.

HOT ITEMS INCLUDE: Herringbone, chess, and geometric patterns are among hot pattern styles to have on your flooring. Color trends for kitchen floors in 2021 are gray, whitewashed, light brown, or two-tone combinations and cool color shades.

flooring trends 2021
flooring trends

Floor Type: Laminate Floor

Laminate flooring is affordable, water-resistant, easy to maintain, and easy to install. If you get it in a light or white color, it has the capability to make your kitchen look clean, bright, and even larger! Choosing a light or white laminate floor makes this classy look affordable and easy to clean. Since hygiene and cleanliness are going to remain a high priority post-Covid, easy-to-clean floors are going to be in style big time.

Floor Type: Slip-Resistant Floor

This has the potential to be a growing trend in kitchen floors for 2021. Some examples of floors that are slip-resistant are linoleum and vinyl. Rubber flooring is becoming a type of flooring to use in residential units, too. It is affordable, low maintenance, and easy to clean. This type of flooring is ideal for aging adults, with its non-slip surface and cushioning in case of a fall. It is also a great type of flooring for families with young children, who are learning how to walk.

non slip floors are a trend in 2021

Floor Type: Engineered Wood Floor

Wood floor is a leading trend for 2021! Engineered wood floor is different than hardwood floor, and definitely has its benefits. It is more economical, for one, but it is also still a beautiful detail to add to your kitchen. It comes in a variety of styles and textures. Engineered wood flooring is very durable, so it can withstand temperature and humidity changes. It also has a variety of different types based on installation methods. Although, keep in mind that you can always call in a professional company, where you can buy your flooring AND have it installed.

Floor Type: Marble Floor

For those who don’t mind a higher price tag, marble is a great option. It has a variety of colors and tones. It adds beauty to any kitchen. It can be slippery and glossy, but since textured and bold rugs will also be trending in 2021, you can add one or two to help with that detail. Marble flooring does require preventative care and regular maintenance, and you have to be careful about your cleaning tool selection. Otherwise, it is a beautiful choice of flooring to add to your kitchen.

marble floor

Floor Type: Stained Concrete Flooring

This is a great style for modern and minimalist kitchens. You can have dyes added to it to make it a color that matches the current style. It is a trending style for 2021. Using a concrete floor can create the opportunity to make it a heated floor, as well, which is great for frosty barefoot mornings; although, area rugs can be used instead. This type of floor is not ideal for small children or aging adults because it is not a very forgiving floor. It is an affordable choice that is aesthetically pleasing and easy to maintain.

Floor Type: Cork Floor

A quiet choice, cork floor is a hot, yet comfortable trend for 2021. It is a durable choice, which will require a periodic sealing. It easy enough to clean, and requires merely a small amount of dish soap and water for a damp mopping of the floor.


Choosing to get a new kitchen floor in 2021 is a great idea! There are a variety of floors out there to appease every wallet and eye, plus, every level of maintenance. Post-Covid, cleaning will still be a high priority, and there are so many floors trending for 2021 that are easy to clean and maintain.

Consider hiring a skilled flooring provider that offers flooring installation services. Flooring Pros of Augusta Georgia is a great choice if you are located in the area. They offer easy installation with a 1 year installation warranty on services whether the products come from their showroom or not! Contact them here for more information or visit them in person.

Another tip for upcoming flooring trends is to remember to consider a few important things. Your personal style, home décor (whether it is what you already have or are planning to purchase, if remodeling your whole kitchen), the level of maintenance, and finally- your budget are important to keep in mind. Stick to these trending kitchen floor choices for 2021, and you will be happy with all those compliments you get from your new kitchen floor!

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