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Flooring How To Choose

How To Choose The Right Flooring For Any Project

If you are wondering about how to choose flooring, this post will go over some great information that will help with your project. Choosing flooring can be difficult for the average homeowner. However, this post is designed to assist in choosing flooring for any project- large or small.

Your home deserves the best when it comes to flooring. With all of the choices out there for flooring materials, how do we know the best? There are several reasons to choose a particular flooring type. In this guide, we will talk about choosing the right floor for your home or business and what advantages each possesses. 

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What Can Affect Your Decision For Choosing Flooring?

Types and Style

Flooring Pros of Augusta knows that everyone has their own taste when it comes to flooring. Some love the look and feel of carpet, while others refuse to allow carpeting in their home. Others prefer a floor of wood or even tile in their home. Even after knowing the type of material you prefer, there are numerous choices of what styles of each you want. Every type and style of floor coverings have the pros and cons of each. 

Pricing is a Factor

Having someone come into your home and hand lay a Roman mosaic out of hand-polished marble may be a good idea for a particular class of people. Most of us, however, will not ever be able to afford such a luxurious floor. This explains no matter our style and taste, sometimes we have to stay in a budget. Keeping costs down may play a large role in deciding what material and style you will decide on. 


The next factor that will play into your floor choices is functionality. Where you will lay the new floor type will play a role in determining the type and styles you can use. Some of these functionality choices seem apparent. Although there are a few people out there that like having carpet in a bathroom, that is not a typical decision. But, to each their own. 

Ease of Application

Outside of cost, functionality, and style, there is one more reason people choose flooring materials. When having the floor installed by a professional, this reason of choice may not apply as much. However, as do-it-yourselfers know, how hard a job is can have a significant impact on the decision. Some will choose a flooring material strictly based on how fast and easy it is to install. This can be a good choice in a rental with a high turnover rate, or for someone only needing something under their feet quickly. 

Types of Flooring

Now that we have discussed the different reasons people choose flooring let’s investigate the various types available for your home or business. 

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Wood & Laminates

  • Laminate Flooring: This flooring type is made of small layers of different wood-based materials with a wood print on the top. Laminate flooring is cheaper than real wood floors and easier to install with a tongue and groove system. 

Laminate flooring requires an underlayment. Some brands have the underlayment already attached to each piece, while others need an underlayment installed on the floor separately. Laminate can be used in most rooms of the home or business. 

  • Hard Wood Flooring: One of the most popular types of floors for centuries, hardwood flooring, does not appear to be going away anytime soon. Hardwood is more expensive than most other wood-based products due to it being solid wood. 

A benefit of hardwood is that the floor can be refinished many times as it wears or for a different finish. Be mindful not to install hardwood floors near water sources, such as bathroom and kitchens, as water will cause damage. 

  • Engineered hardwood: Very similar to laminate flooring, engineered hardwood is also easy to install. The difference between laminate and engineered wood is the final layer. As laminate has a photo image of wood on the top, engineered wood has an actual thin layer of wood. This type of floor can be installed throughout the home, although avoid it with damp areas. 
  • Bamboo: Bamboo is made from the bamboo plant, considered a grass and not a wood. This is special because it makes bamboo more resistant to moisture but still retains a hardwood texture and pattern.


Many people still love the feel of carpet under their feet. Tile and other solid floors have become more and more popular. Carpet, though remains one of the most chosen flooring options for bedrooms. 

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Carpet is made of different materials such as: 

  • Nylon: Is the most popular and is wear-resistant
  • Olefin: More durable than nylon, but not as comfortable. Best for outdoor areas and basements
  • Acrylic: Made for low traffic areas and usually a fiber used in rugs. 
  • Wool: Ecofriendly, durable, and stain-resistant. Wool can be a more expensive natural alternative to nylon. 

Once you have chosen the material you want, you will need to decide on a carpet style: 

  • Berber or level loop is a short carpet that stands up well in high traffic areas.
  • Multi-level loop carpet is similar to Berber but shows more of a textured pattern.
  • Cut pile carpets have the tips of the loops cut so they will have a different texture than our first two. In all, cut pile carpets come in a multitude of textures, thickness, and appearance; you will have to see for yourself before deciding. 


For those who like the look that tile flooring provides, there are a few options to look at. 

  • Ceramic tile: This type of tile is made for indoor use and is the least expensive of the different tiles. Ceramic comes in multiple sizes, colors, and shapes. 
  • Porcelain tile: A more expensive alternative to ceramic is porcelain tile. It will hold up to high traffic areas better than ceramic and can be used inside or outdoors. 
  • Natural stone: As the name implies, this material is quarried from nature, and the price reflects this with the price. As the most expensive forms of tile, they consist of material like granite, slate, marble, limestone, and travertine. Floorings around pools are popular made of natural stone. 


Vinyl flooring comes in planks, sheets, or tile shapes. This product is a good choice when speed and cost are of the essence. No floor underlays are required, only a level and clean floor to peel and adhere to.  Vinyl plank flooring is a durable and versatile option for your home or business. It is one of the most popular products here at Augusta Georgia‘s Flooring Pros!

Regardless of your budget, style, or need, there are multiple choices available to you for your home or business flooring needs. We have covered most of the basics; now, you must look at each type and decide for yourself. 


This post should have helped you with the decision making process. If you still have questions, you should reach out to Flooring Pros on this page here or give us a call. We are always available to help with our suggestions or to give you a free estimate on services.

We hope you now know a little more about the subject of flooring how to choose.

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