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How To Prep For Hardwood Floor Installation

How To Prep For Hardwood Floor Installation 

If you don’t know how to prep for a hardwood floor installation, your next home renovation might be tougher than you think. Home-renovations take a lot of work throughout the entire process. In order to execute a home-renovation efficiently, it is a good idea to set out a plan in front of you. You will want to lay out the necessary steps to prepare for your project, to follow through with your renovation, and to clean up afterward. Today, I am going to shed some light on essential tips to prepare for your hardwood floor installation.

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First Things First: Clear The Area

Unfortunately, working on your floor means everything has to go. The only things staying in the room getting redone are the walls. The first step to preparing for your hardwood floor installation is removing all of the furniture in the room. You will want to take this step into your own hands before the professionals come in to begin the work of flooring installation. Professional carpenters will easily move your furniture for you, but most homeowners prefer to do it themselves so they have complete control over how their belongings are moved around and give it the care and attention it needs.

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Prepare For Lots Of Dust!

A hardwood flooring installation means a lot of work. If you take all the necessary steps to prepare for your hardwood floor installation, the first thing the professionals will have to do when they arrive is pull up the previous flooring. It’s not easy, and while they pull the previous flooring up, be it tile or carpeting, it is going to release a plethora of dust and dirt into the air. This is at no fault to anyone, but simply a consequence of years of use and settling. This is especially the case in carpeting, as it easily traps common allergens over time.

Take preparation into your own hands by using an air purifier in your house. This will drastically reduce the amount of dust and debris floating in the air. If you don’t have an air purifier, or rather think it wouldn’t be efficient, be sure to replace your air filters. You can be sure your HVAC system is doing its best to filter all the particulates entering the vents, so having replacement filters on hand is a smart decision.

Clear Out Hallways

Make way for your hardwood flooring installation experts to trek through your house. Contractors will usually need to run between their trucks and their workspace a number of times throughout the project. Make this as easy as possible by widening hallways and potentially creating a path for them to protect your flooring in other parts of your house.

Do this by removing obstructing furniture and belongings in your hallways leading to the room being worked on. In addition to clearing out space for them, protect your floors by laying down cardboard so that your contractors can walk freely throughout the house with their boots and all the equipment they need.

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Get Down And Dirty And Remove Your Baseboards

This step is not absolutely essential, as most carpenters will easily do this. But, if you would like to contribute to the work being done on your home, and save your contractors time, this is a straightforward job. Follow the walls throughout the rooms and use a crowbar to separate the baseboards from the wall. This will expose space for the professionals to take advantage of when they need to start pulling up your old flooring.

Designate A Workspace

Whether you are installing a hardwood floor in one room, or multiple rooms, you will not be able to keep a lot of equipment nearby because you will be literally tearing up the floor right from under you. This means you will want to designate a workspace nearby where you, or your contractors, can keep their equipment and materials. Most homeowners find their garage to be an ideal space.

Disconnect Any Electric, Gas, Or Plumbing As Necessary

Depending on what room you are working on, you may have to be prepared to run into housing utilities. When installing a new floor in the house, it is common for homeowners to run into vents and gas pipes. If this includes you, be sure to close or disconnect the gas and plumbing so that in the event a pipe gets damaged, you do not have to worry about uncontrollable leaking. As far as your HVAC system goes, you will most likely need to remove vent covers and replace them once the flooring installation is complete.

Now That You’ve Made Preparations, Tackle Your Project

If you have followed these steps to prepare for your hardwood flooring installation, you are ready to tackle this project. If you don’t want to go at it alone, you can always hire a company to handle hardwood floor installation for you.

Flooring Pros of Augusta, Georgia is a reputable flooring company that can offer both installation services and products. We are top rated in Augusta and look forward to helping you with your hardwood floor installation.

Whether you hire professional contractors or do it yourself, these steps can save you time and money in the long run. Now that you know how to prep for hardwood floor installation, half the battle is over.

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